Why You Should Replace Your Silver Amalgam Fillings

Why You Should Replace Your Silver Amalgam Fillings

Feb 26, 2018

For decades, silver amalgam fillings were the only option available when it comes to treating dental decay and cavities. However, throughout the years, research has shown that the mercury found in these tooth fillings can actually be harmful to your health (surprise! Mercury is a toxic liquid metal). Luckily, advancements in dentistry, however, have provided safer, healthier and more appealing alternatives! Wondering why you should replace your silver amalgam fillings in Houston, TX 77080?


As mentioned above, the mercury found in amalgam fillings is a toxic liquid metal. Research has shown that the mercury in these fillings can leach out and end up in the bloodstream and even brain!


Due to the fact that amalgam fillings are not bonded to the tooth, as time goes on bacteria, saliva and even food debris can seep between the filling and your teeth, eventually leading to further decay and damage.

Filling Age

Depending upon the age of your filling it may be loose, as this happens over time. When your filling becomes loose, additional “leakage” may begin to occur, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth causing new decay.

Tooth Damage

Amalgam fillings have also been known to cause cracking and fractures in patient’s teeth. This is due to the fact that a decent amount of tooth structure must be removed to place the amalgam filling, weakening the tooth.


If you’ve ever seen someone with amalgam fillings, you probably noticed dark spots all over their teeth. Amalgam fillings in Houston, TX 77080 are made from metal, making them stick out like a sore thumb against our pearly white teeth. Want your entire smile to blend? You should probably opt for composite fillings.

Do you have amalgam fillings? Considering replacing your old fillings? Contact our Houston dental office today to schedule your appointment. We’d be happy to replace your old amalgam fillings with a healthier, safer and more appealing option.

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