Why Suffer the Ignominy of Chipped Cracked and Decayed Teeth When Porcelain Dental Crowns Can Help You?

Why Suffer the Ignominy of Chipped Cracked and Decayed Teeth When Porcelain Dental Crowns Can Help You?

Apr 01, 2020

If you have some damaged, chipped, and decayed teeth you no longer have to suffer from the ignominy of a deficient appearance. You may desire a dazzling smile but may need help to achieve your goal. Porcelain dental crowns can give you the amazing smile you want easier than you believe.

What Is a Porcelain Dental Crown?

Porcelain dental crowns or porcelain teeth as they are often referred to are an option for you with the damaged and decayed teeth in your mouth. They can be fitted over your natural teeth to restore its original strength, function, and size. Crowns are considered as the best option for protecting and strengthening the tooth that is difficult to repair with fillings or other dental treatments. As you would be looking to improve the function and appearance of the tooth simultaneously these crowns will be the best option for you.

Why Porcelain Crowns Are Considered Beautiful?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers that are placed over the teeth as a replacement for the entire external portion of the tooth. The crown can enhance the appearance and function of the tooth. They have become extremely popular and are suggested by even the dentist offering porcelain crowns in Houston. Dentists are usually recommending porcelain crowns because there color and shape match the natural teeth in your mouth. These crowns are custom developed in a dental laboratory before they are secured to the front teeth. After they are position properly by the dentist a special curing light is used to harden them for fully and securely restoring your teeth.

Porcelain Crowns and Their Benefits

Dental veneers, bonding, and crowns are all useful to reconstruct the outer portion of the tooth for improving its appearance but dentists are routinely recommending dental crowns because they can also improve the strength and functionality of the tooth. If you have tooth decay in Houston that needs a large filling you will need to schedule a consultation with a dentist in the locality to determine the best option for restoring your teeth. As a large filling will be difficult to place the dentist will recommend choosing porcelain crowns in the following situations:

  • To improve the aesthetic appearance of the tooth.
  • To restore the tooth’s full functionality and to create a natural appearance.
  • A traumatic event or accident has caused extensive damage to the tooth.
  • To cover the effects of severe enamel erosion.
  • These crowns may also be suggested if you clench and grind your teeth badly destroying the natural tooth.

How to Determine If You Need a Crown?

If you have a tooth that is physically painful based on the appearance you should be contacting your dentist as soon as possible. In most cases, radiographs or bitewing x-rays are used for the diagnosis and determine the proper fit of dental crowns. The images obtained may use ordinary film-based radiographs or even advanced CEREC technology if your dentist has invested in the same. The images will be used to examine your teeth before recommending the crowns and several times during the procedure to ensure your crowns are fitted properly and comfortably to allow you to chew and bite normally.

Are Porcelain Dental Crowns Painful?

If your dentist has the experience and has successfully placed dental crowns in patients you can expect the procedure to be quite comfortable. You will be administered local anesthesia while your tooth or teeth are prepared for the crown and even when the crowns are being placed. You may experience some sensitivity in your gums after your first appointment when temporary crowns will be placed. Some discomfort can also be expected after the permanent crowns are placed but you should be comfortable with the anesthetics and topical numbing agents that will be applied.

After the placement of the permanent crowns, you will be suggested to have soft foods for some time but will not experience any significant pain besides some soreness.

What Kind of Options Will Be Available If You Need Crowns?

You can find a variety of options for dental crowns including base metal alloys, gold alloys, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic or porcelain crowns. However, porcelain crowns are the most popular and will be recommended by the dentist because they are similar to the natural teeth and can blend in without giving away information that you don’t have your original teeth. These crowns are ideal for the front teeth or any that are particularly visible when you smile or open your mouth.

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