Understanding Clear Aligners and Its Benefits

Understanding Clear Aligners and Its Benefits

Sep 01, 2020

Statistics conducted on adult orthodontics has revealed that more than 1.4 million people go to the dentist yearly to have their teeth straightened.

In the past, the number of people going for Invisalign® near me was low, but due to the advancement in technology, people have begun to realize that teeth can be straightened at any time, and age is not a limiting factor.

This explains why the popularity of Invisalign® grows every day. If you are an adult with misaligned teeth and you’ve been having thoughts to have them straightened, one of the best options for you would be to get Invisalign® near you.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a new teeth-straightening technique that uses clear trays to do the job with less maintenance being required. These trays are designed to uniquely fit with the shape of your mouth to make you feel comfortable when you wear them. It is an alternative to metal braces, which most people find undesirable.

With this technique, you’ll overcome the snags brought by metal braces.

The 5 Steps of Getting Invisalign

You can get Invisalign in Houston at affordable prices by booking an appointment with InStyle Dental Group dentists. Below are the phases you should expect to go through if you select this straightening method.

Initial appointment

During your first visit to the dental office, your dental practitioner will conduct a study on your oral cavity. This will enable him/her to know if the treatment is suitable for your teeth. If you are not a perfect candidate, other options will be suggested, but if you are, he/she will walk you through the guidelines of this treatment and how long it’s going to last.

Molding stage

The molding process is the next step, and it may be done on that first visit or during your second appointment. Photographs, x-rays, and digital scans will be used to create a model of clear aligners that’s accurate for your teeth and mouth. The impression data of your dentals obtained from these procedures is sent to an Invisalign laboratory where your customized trays will be created.

Fitting your first tray

When your trays arrive from the laboratory, your dentist will notify you so that you can come and pick them. Most dental professionals will fit your teeth with small attachments, which will help your aligners stay in position. The accessories are temporary and almost invisible, and their installation is painless. The dentist will then fit your trays and make sure they are perfectly positioned.

Follow-up visits

Patients are required to return to the dental office a few weeks after getting their tray fitted. This allows the dentist to monitor the progress of your straightening process. If things are not working out as supposed to be, a new scan will be planned, and additional aligners will be ordered.

Straighter teeth

After some time, your misaligned teeth will be straighter. Some factors will determine the outcome, and one such factor is how severe the misalignment is. Patients are advised to wear their aligners as prescribed if they want to get the best results.

How Does it Work?

Clear aligners work by creating gentle pressure on your teeth, thus moving them into the desired position slowly. You’ll be required to wear them at all times except when you are eating food and drinking substances that aren’t water.

Each set of trays that you wear is designed to move your teeth up to a certain point, after which you’ll have to get a new one. This will be necessary until the day your teeth will move up to where they ought to be.

The Advantages of Invisalign

  • They are removable – Unlike braces, clear aligners allow you to maintain proper oral hygiene as they are removable. You can remove them before eating to prevent food particles from getting stuck, something that’s a common occurrence with braces.
  • Convenient – Due to their popularity, getting them is an easy task, so you won’t have to wear metal braces necessarily.
  • More attractive – When it comes down to orthodontic treatment, most adults will prefer Invisalign because they are almost invisible. This means you can smile freely, and very few people will notice that you have them on.
  • Comfortable – When compared to metal braces, clear aligners make the wearer more comfortable as no brackets or wires will be used. They also lack sharp edges, which might give you painful cuts or nicks in the mouth.

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