The Benefits of a Mouthguard

The Benefits of a Mouthguard

Jul 09, 2018

Taking good care of your mouth means protecting it in a way that prevents injury and infection. One of the best ways you can do this is through regular brushing and flossing. A good oral routine means that you can prevent cavities effectively. What about injuries to your tooth, though? You cannot prevent a sports injury through brushing and flossing, can you? Of course not! That is why you need a mouthguard. Here’s some information on mouthguards available in Houton, TX 77080:

Two Types of Mouthguards in Houston, TX 77080

There are generally two purposes behind the mouthguards. A sportsguard can be used to prevent injury during a contact sport, or any sport where an injury to the mouth is possible. A nightguard, however, can be used to prevent damage due to bruxism, or teeth grinding.

People with bruxism, typically grinds their teeth while they sleep. This can be very damaging to the Integrity of your teeth. It can cause severe pain, tooth damage, and even headaches during the day. The pressure that you are putting on your teeth can be immense during the night while you sleep. A mouthguard can be used during the night to alleviate this pressure. It can essentially prevent severe tooth damage from happening in the future. This is a very cost effective strategy to prevent damage as well as pain.

A sportsguard, however, is used to prevent damage during a sporting event or other physical activity. The damage can come from clenching your teeth too hard during the activity, or physical trauma to the mouth. Either way, the cost of the sportsguard is typically far less than the cost of repairing the damage that is done after an injury.

If you neglect to use the type of mouthguard that is right for you, You are looking at a much higher bill if your plan is to correct the damage after it is done. Preventing the damage completely is a much more attractive alternative.

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