Socket Preservation: Oral Surgery That Can Save Your Smile

Socket Preservation: Oral Surgery That Can Save Your Smile

Mar 16, 2019

Patients, who go for extraction of tooth due to decay or damage, have a fear to experience its negative effects on their smile. For them, advance dental technique of socket preservation can actually help. It is a procedure that reduces the risk of bone recession. With socket preservation, one can go for further dental implant after tooth extraction.

Why Perform Socket Preservation?

When your decayed tooth is extracted, it can damage the dental root. This may cause jawbone recession and your gum may start to wear off. If this happens, patient cannot go for further implant and thus socket preservation procedure is obtained, that can keep your root stronger even after the tooth extraction.

The Socket Preservation Procedure

Initially, in Socket Preservation procedure, bone grafting is performed at the same time when tooth extraction is done. This can prevent further damage to jawbone.

Now a fibrin membrane will be placed in your tooth socket. This membrane has platelet-rich fibrin which can stimulate growth and healing.

Now a bone of your jaw or a palate will be placed into the empty stock from where tooth was extracted.

To ensure right placement of tissues sutures or pins is used. This enables closing the site back.

What to Expect after Your Treatment?

After the procedure, patient can expect proper result after few months. The tissues will start to generate around the surrounding bone to give it a natural look. The suitable socket preservation procedure will help patient to go for further restoration processes because it let generate enough bone tissue required for such dental restoration process.

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Now, that you know that socket surgery can actually help maintain dental strength after tooth extraction, it is a nice alternative to choose. It will help save your smile and go for further implants. For answer to all your socket preservation queries contact oral & maxillofacial surgery associates today.

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