Emergency Dentistry in Houston, TX

Everyone knows to go to an emergency room when you have a serious physical ailment like a concussion or broken bone, but where are you supposed to go when you break a tooth?

There are some dental professionals out there who specialize in these urgent care situations. At InStyle Dental Group, we practice comprehensive emergency dental care near you, which helps you recover quickly from a serious dental ailment. All you need to do is show up at our emergency dentist in 77080 and explain the situation, and our Houston emergency dentist can begin treatment.

When to See an Emergency Dentist Near You

People are always confused about when they need to seek out the assistance of an emergency dentist and when their condition can wait for an appointment. At InStyle Dental Group, our emergency dentist in Northwest Houston, TX, can help in the following situations:

  • When a permanent tooth has been knocked out of the mouth
  • When a tooth is cracked or broken, exposing the inside
  • When you bite your tongue and can’t stop the bleeding
  • If you have an abscess or serious dental infection

In these situations, you need to seek immediate help, or the problem could worsen. You do not need to wait for an appointment. Simply come to our office in Houston, TX, and receive high-quality care from our emergency dentistry near you.

What to Do in an Emergency

It is common for people to panic when faced with a dental emergency, but there are better things to do. First, take a deep breath and take stock of the situation. Is there bleeding? Is someone in pain? Will you be able to drive to the dentist, or will someone need to give you a ride?

Once you understand what is occurring, consider the following actions:

  • If a tooth has been broken or knocked out, try to grab the pieces. If there is still soft tissue attached to the end, we might be able to save it and restore it in your mouth.
  • If you or someone else has oral bleeding, use a clean paper towel to stem the flow.
  • If you are in severe pain, consider using a mild over-the-counter medication, you are able to take.
Emergency Dentistry in Houston, TX

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