Saturday Dentist in Houston TX

Saturday Dentist in Houston TX

Nov 01, 2019

With the fast-paced life, it’s challenging to schedule an opportune day for your dental checkups, which is detrimental to your dental health. Finding a dental clinic that can accommodate your schedule is not only ideal for you and your family, but it could save you a lot of stress. At InStyle Dental Group, we offer a Saturday dentist in Houston TX with flexible hours to cater to your needs, including emergency services.

Emergencies are unplanned and finding a Saturday dentistry will save you a lot of stress after an accident or injury. In our dental clinic, we offer the same weekday services, with an added advantage of emergency dentistry.

Despite it being Saturday, we still maintain our normal professional work. To honor your comfort;

  • We maintain a clean, neat, and safe environment to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • We still assess, review your dental history and examine your oral health. We also discuss the treatment options based on your dental needs and available financing options.
  • We use state-of-art-technology to provide you with the best quality of care.

Why Choose a Saturday Dentist?

Having a dental clinic that has a Saturday dentist has a lot of benefits;

  • Emergency dental care when an accident or injury occurs
  • Less commotion because the dentist will have fewer patients
  • Convenience and comfort as you get to schedule an appointment at your convenient time.

Services Offered

We offer various dental services for every dental need;

General dentistry

Some of the general dentistry services include;

    Comprehensive oral examinations where the dentist will examine your gums, teeth and overall dental health.
    Periodontal treatment which focuses on your gum health. This treatment will help to prevent periodontal disease.

  • Professional cleanings are essential to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup
  • Dentures are excellent for you if you are missing several of your teeth in the upper or lower jaw.
  • Root canal treatment for decayed teeth
  • TMJ treatment helps to reduce the symptoms and damage caused by temporomandibular joint disorders
  • Orthodontics helps to improve misaligned or malposition teeth
  • Oral surgery is recommended if you need gum or bone grafting, dental implant placement, and tooth extraction

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is done to fix your smile. Whether you have discolored, decayed, damaged or imperfect tooth, cosmetic dentistry will sort the problem. At InStyle Dental Group, we have a variety of cosmetic dental options in Houston TX.

  • Teeth whitening. This is ideal for patients with discoloration and dull teeth. Our in-office whitening procedure will provide excellent results.
  • Composite fillings are for patients who have cavities, tooth decay, or damage. These fillings use tooth-colored material to blend the filing with the existing teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers conceal your smile and hide imperfections
  • Dental implants are ideal for people with missing one or more teeth. The implants are permanently fixed to replace missing teeth
  • Dental bridges are perfect if you are missing one or multiple teeth in a row. The bridges connect the gap between the teeth improving the function of the teeth.
  • Dental crowns or caps are used to restore your teeth shape, size, and strength.

What Are the Financing Options?

At InStyle, the Dental group we believe that your dental insurance cover should not get in the way of your dental restoration. That’s why we accept many forms of payments, dental insurance, and accept third-party financing. We will work with you to create a perfect financial plan for your dental procedure.

We accept Medicaid and all PPO dental insurance plans. Always update us if the insurance status changes so we can keep your account updated. We accept cash and credit cards too.

If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer Care Credit and Lending club to help you minimize the payments for certain procedures. We also have an in-house payment plan at 0% interest and allows you to save up to 50% off selected dental procedures. If you are interested in this option, contact us to discuss the payment and length of time that works for you.

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Regardless of your dental problems, we are ready to create a custom-made solution for you. Our InStyle Dental Group in Houston, we provide all the above-mentioned services to accommodate all patients.

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