Periodontal Disease and Your Quality of Life

Periodontal Disease and Your Quality of Life

Feb 07, 2018

Many people don’t recognize the value of good oral health until it is gone. When signs of gum disease or tooth decay keep appearing, take heed and get the treatment you need.

InStyle Dental Group emphasizes the importance of routine dental exams and cleanings to prevent oral health problems like advanced gum disease before they start and safeguard your strong teeth so that you don’t develop the need to go for a periodontal disease treatment in Houston, TX, 77080.

Gum Disease Affects Millions of People

In the U.S., gum disease is a continued widespread health problem. The CDC conducted a study that determined that close to 65 million Americans have signs of gum disease, on some level. Advanced gum disease is a serious oral health problem that can affect overall well-being.

How Gum Disease Impacts Quality of Life

In the beginning, you may have no symptoms at all. But as the situation worsens the signs of gum disease will gradually become hard to ignore: bleeding, pain, tenderness and receding gums.

These pesky problems are certainly bad for dental health, but you may not realize how much gum disease can impact daily life. If you suffer from a severe dental issue like advanced gum disease, you may often feel discomfort. In addition, you may feel self-conscious about your unhealthy smile.

You may also have trouble chewing properly or eating all the foods you like without pain. It can also be difficult to brush and floss your teeth in comfort, or without causing your gums to bleed. If you wear dentures, the prosthetic may become increasingly more uncomfortable to wear as gum disease progresses.

Get the Treatment You Need

Whether your mouth is in great condition or if you have poor oral health, our Houston dentists are here to help. Please do not ignore signs of gum disease and risk your overall health and quality of life. Call our Houston dental clinic today to book your exam and cleaning to prevent periodontal disease in Houston, TX 77080.

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