Get Rid of Bad Breath with Good Dental Care

Get Rid of Bad Breath with Good Dental Care

Sep 01, 2019

Bad Breath can seriously undermine one’s confidence. Not only is it embarrassing to have bad breath, but it can also be tough for those around you. What’s worse is that some people don’t even realize they have bad breath.

Bad breath is also known as halitosis or malodor and is generally caused by bacteria build-up inside the mouth. These bacteria cause inflammation and give off a nocuous smell. Fortunately, bad breath is quite easy to cure. All you need to do is follow a good dental care regime. The experts at InStyle Dental group your neighborhood Dental Clinic in Houston, TX, recommend following these simple tips that can not only help you fight bad breath but also will keep your teeth healthy.

  • Brush Twice Daily.

We have been hearing this since we were kids. It might not seem that important then, but it’s time to realize the importance of brushing twice daily. Brushing of teeth removes plaque and debris. Plaque is where the bacteria finds its home and flourishes. Cleaning it before going to sleep is going to make a major difference in getting rid of bad breath.

  • Floss!

Floss takes your oral health regime a step further. It clears the plaque and debris in-between the teeth. If the debris is not removed, bacteria will feed over it and can cause even more severe problems than Bad Breath.

  • Clean Your Tongue daily.

You must be thinking, “The dentist near me has told me this quite a few times” – well he is right. We might not realize this but a majority of plaque and debris gets deposited in-between the taste buds of our tongue. Buy a tongue cleaner which is an inexpensive tool that will help you clean your tongue. If you are not comfortable in using one you can also clean your tongue using your toothbrush.

  • Rinse your mouth

Mouthwash is more of an immediate solution for bad breath. It can help you in masking the odor. However, it cannot cure it. There might be some cases where it can even worsen the problem by irritating the oral tissue. It is best to get advice from your Dentist in Houston. If using mouthwash is uncomfortable, you can also rinse your mouth using green tea. It will not only freshen your breath but will also help in killing the bacteria.

  • Quit smoking and other tobacco intakes

Bad breath can be an excellent reason to quit smoking now. If you are an addicted person who is also suffering from bad breath, there is a high possibility it is because of tobacco intake. Tobacco dries the mouth out, causing perpetual bad breath even though you have brushed.

  • Hydrate

As mentioned above, dry mouth can cause bad breath. Make sure you drink at least six to eight ounces of water every day. It helps in keeping the bad breath away as it washes away food particles and bacteria. In case you are suffering from chronic dry mouth consult your dentist. He might even recommend you to take some medication for your problem.

  • Eat right.

Eating right not only keeps your health in check but also keeps your mouth fresh and healthy. Everything you eat is absorbed in your bloodstream and reappears when you speak. Pungent foods that contain grease, garlic and onion can cause bad breath. Eat more carrots, celery, fresh green vegetables to keep your bad breath away.

  • Chew Gum.

An instant solution to your problem is chewing a piece of sugar-free gum. Chewing gum will keep your breath fresh and keep the saliva in your mouth flowing. Chewing gum containing xylitol can also help reduce cavities. A mint gum might only mask bad breath, furthermore, they might even be crammed with sugar and will stick in your teeth and add to your problems.

  • Visit your dentist.

Regularly visiting your dentist can help you understand the problems behind your bad breath. InStyle Dental group are a group of expert Dentist in Northwest Houston, TX. They will help you identify the problem behind your bad breath. Such identification is important as it can tell you whether your condition is because of bad oral care or because of an infection.

Fighting bad breath is an easy task is these simple rules are followed. For any further queries, you can contact the experts at InStyle Dental group and get your worries solved.

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