Everything You Should Know About Composite Fillings

Everything You Should Know About Composite Fillings

Oct 01, 2020

Dental fillings have long been used to repair and restore the smiles of patients. In most cases, they have been employed in restorative dentistry for treating dental cavities and tooth decay. However, in an age and time where many people are concerned about their aesthetic appearances, dental fillings have evolved to help meet the needs of patients.

If you are looking for a dental filling that can repair your teeth without compromising your aesthetic desires, consider composite fillings in Houston, TX.

What Are Composite Fillings?

They are a type of dental fillings used to repair teeth after damage. They are made of a composite resin material that is applied to damaged teeth to correct a present problem. The resin material used to make composite fillings in Houston near you is tooth-colored. It implies that they can be color-matched to the natural color of your teeth for a beautiful appearance.

Composite fillings in Houston are a different type of filling from other types, include gold fillings and amalgams. To get composite fillings, you must be intrigued by the aesthetic aftermath they provide.

When Are Composite Fillings Used?

Many dental issues can be treated with composite fillings. Common ones include:

  1. Dental decay – is the most common cause. Fillings will be used to fill the hole formed by the decay process.
  2. Broken tooth – a composite filling can help restore a broken tooth’s structure.
  3. To treat sensitive teeth – when you notice sensitivity with your teeth, particularly to hot, cold, or sugary foods, you need a filling to repair your teeth.

What Makes Composite Fillings Likable?

When there are many types of fillings to choose from, one would wonder why composites seem so likable. They offer an alternative for patients to get through their dental treatment without neglecting their need to achieve a beautiful smile.

The benefits of composite dental fillings are what make them unique. Some of them include:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing results – no matter which one of your teeth is broken, cracked, or has a cavity, composite resins can repair it effectively and achieve aesthetically pleasing results. The best part is that the resin material can be matched to the specific share or color of your natural teeth for a beautiful finish.
  2. They allow for easy detection of cavities – when a dental a toy is developing, the color of your tooth darkens. With a dental filling like amalgam, it is hard to detect a future cavity. On the other hand, composite fillings allow you to easily detect a cavity since the resin is white.
  3. They are strong and durable – the resin material is sturdy enough to fill your tooth after damage, which is why it is used in restorative dentistry. The strength of the material makes the feelings long-lasting enough to guarantee you up to a decade or more of beautiful and healthy teeth.
  4. It bonds well with teeth – the resin material adheres seamlessly to teeth, better than other types of materials. It also makes it difficult for anyone to tell apart the composite from your teeth, thanks to the seamless bonding.
  5. Cheaper than gold fillings – when it comes to picking a filling, the budget should alps be a consideration. Though you may like gold fillings, they may be too expensive for your budget. Composites are a better alternative that may not cost you as much as gold fillings.
  6. Does not damage teeth – one of the problems of silver fillings is that they expand and contract with temperature changes. This expansion and contraction are because of the metal alloys used to make them. The consequences of the changes, it can crack and damage your tooth significantly. With composite fillings, the expansion and contraction are not there, which is why they do not damage your teeth. Besides, very little of your tooth’s structure is removed to make room for a composite filling, thanks to the type of material.


The decision to get composite fillings should be guided by your preferences for dental treatments. If you want a quick fix that allows you to flaunt your beautiful smile, composite fillings are right for you. Still, be sure to talk to your dentist about other alternatives, to weigh out your option.

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