Digital Technology and Orthodontics Near You

Digital Technology and Orthodontics Near You

Sep 12, 2018

Technology has made an impact in all industries, and dentistry is no exception. From digital x-rays for routine exams to CEREC technology for creating crowns in one dentist visit, it’s made dentistry more efficient and accurate, not to mention easier and more comfortable for both doctor and patient. One area in which technology has made great strides is in orthodontic treatment in Houston, TX 77080 with clear aligners. Possibly the most popular brand of clear aligners is Invisalign, though there are several other brands available. No matter which type of aligner you choose, they will utilize digital technology to provide you with a beautiful smile.

It’s important that an orthodontist near you is consulted for any orthodontic treatment. There are offers available promising a straight smile through the mail, working off just some images of your smile rather than a visit with a professional. This is not advised, as orthodontists play a key part in planning your new smile, monitoring the progress of the treatment, and ensuring that the devices used are doing what they are meant to.

The digital software used by orthodontists to stage the movement of your teeth will vary between doctors. More dentists now prefer software that gives them more control, allowing them to plan a treatment and manufacture with different labs. This gives both doctor and patient more freedom in choosing the source of the aligners, potentially leading to faster delivery and shortened treatment times.

One last component to therapy with clear aligners in Houston, TX is the manufacturing of the aligners themselves. The cost of 3D printers has come down considerably since clear aligners have been used as teeth straightening treatment. There are also more choices now in terms of models and plastics than before. Orthodontists can even choose to print aligners in the office to control every aspect of your smile design and experience.

There are several benefits to having teeth straightened. Not only does it improve a smile’s appearance, but it can also improve the bite and therefore how the teeth are used. If you are considering having your teeth straightened, you can have confidence that your orthodontic treatment near you will be utilizing the latest in technology and you’ll be receiving quality care.

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