Dental Bridges: What You Need To Know

Dental Bridges: What You Need To Know

Feb 01, 2021

A dental bridge is an arrangement made of artificial teeth that close your jawline gaps from missing teeth. It is called a pontic. Abutments are placed on opposite sides of the opening to hold the bridge in place. Dentists can utilise a variety of materials to create them, including some metals. The standard material is porcelain to match your natural teeth.

There are four key types of dental bridges.

  • Traditional: it is the most common. It consists of false teeth attached to dental crowns that were bonded to abutment teeth. It can only be used when natural teeth surround the gap.
  • Cantilever: it is much like the custom dental bridge. The only difference is that it is attached to a dental crown on one side. Thus, creating the need for only one natural tooth at the edge of the gap.
  • Maryland: Like the traditional bridge, this one uses two abutment teeth on both ends of the gap. But, in place of the dental crowns is metal or porcelain structure cemented to the abutment teeth’ back. It requires natural teeth on both ends of the space.
  • Implant-supported: like the name suggests these bridges rely on dental implants. An implant surgically replaces every missing tooth. Another option may be to hang the false teeth between two dental crowns attached to implants. It is the most inflexible and robust option.

When Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

You can consult a general dentist on dental bridges near you if having missing teeth affects you in the following ways:

  • Impending your speech and pronunciation
  • A sagging mouth structure
  • Difficulty when chewing
  • Having a broken smile

Missing teeth prompt movement of the remaining teeth from their exact position to distribute bite pressure. Getting bridges prevents this occurrence.

What to Expect

The first visit entails the preparation phase. The dentist will inspect your teeth and discuss teeth replacement options with you according to your oral health and bridge design. The actual treatment starts with the preparation of the abutment teeth. It involves shaping the teeth by extracting a part of the enamel to make room for placing a crown.

Next, an imprint of the teeth is made. It acts as a model used to create the bridge,crown,andpontic. Your dentist will provide a temporary bridge to protect the exposed gums. The third visit involves the removal of the temporary bridge and placement of the new one. The dentist will analyse the fit and make adjustments accordingly.

To make sure the bite of the bridge is perfect, a fixed bridge may be bond temporarily for a test run before being permanently attached. Note that, the implant-supported bridge requires two separate surgeries. One to install the implants the other to connect the bridge. This particular procedure will take several months.

How to Take Care of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can last for several decades. To increase their longevity, practice proper oral hygiene by brushing twice a day,balanced nutrition, flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash.

dental bridges can fail sometimes. This problem can be a result of:

  • Fractured or decayed abutment teeth
  • Breakage of the metal underneath or the false teeth.
  • Mismatched colour with the natural teeth
  • A loose fit

Repairing the dental bridge depends on what resulted in the problem. If the abutment teeth are the cause, the bridge will be broken off to treat them. In this case, you can get a new bridge after treatment. Decay can damage the abutment teeth, which will be replaced by implants to support the new bridge. The dentist can repair a fracture on the false teeth with ease.

Contact your dentist as soon as you notice the following:

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot beverages
  • Severe pain when brushing or chewing
  • Chips or cracks on the bridge
  • Pieces of porcelain in your mouth

Quick intervention is essential for your well-being.

Dental bridges are a suitable way to restore your teeth. They sit comfortably in your mouth and prove easy to maintain. Visit our clinic if you require dental bridges in Houston. Instyle Dental Group values your dental health. Consider procuring dental bridges near 77080. We guarantee a prompt response and comprehensive service.

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