Can It Be Considered the Dental Implants Are Better Than Natural Teeth?

Can It Be Considered the Dental Implants Are Better Than Natural Teeth?

Mar 16, 2020

Can people believe that dental implants are actually better than natural teeth? The answer may be surprising but in many ways, it is a resounding yes. Generally, people always want to save their natural teeth that may have become damaged. However, there are situations when extracting the infected tooth and replacing it with an implant could be a better option.

Due to the materials that dental implants are developed from and the way they function in our mouths they can often help us to maintain good oral health. Why then are people believing that implants can be considered as better than natural teeth? Let us look at some of the reasons why this belief is gaining traction.

Dental Implants Do Not Decay

Tooth decay of the advanced variety is one of the primary reasons why it needs to be overhauled with treatments like a root canal, buildup, and cap. While most teeth can be treated successfully the root of the tooth remains susceptible to decay even in the future. This is particularly the case if the patient eats excessive sugar, has poor enamel, or a dry mouth because of other medical conditions or is simply inclined genetically to tooth decay because of specific bacteria prevalent in their mouths.

Neither the dental implants in Houston or the dental crown in Houston are susceptible to tooth decay or vulnerable to acidic attacks by bacteria. The root of the dental implant is surgical grade titanium that has integrated with the jawbone (osseointegration). It is also not vulnerable to acidic attacks.

Dental Implants Can Help Bone Density

Even the Saturday dentist in Houston can provide information that tooth loss not only creates gaps in our smile but also damages our surrounding teeth. Stimulation is needed by the jawbone to retain its shape and density and the regular movement of the teeth helps it to replenish itself. When tooth loss occurs the jawbone loses its stability to cause the teeth to shift. It can also affect the shape of our cheeks.

An infected tooth can also contribute to the presence of bacteria that can attack the bone around the teeth. When infected teeth are extracted the jawbone can begin to heal with dental implants because they can mimic the tooth root. The jawbone will begin to receive the stimulation it needs to begin regenerating itself.

They Are a Lifetime Investment

Two main components are present in dental implants. High-quality porcelain and surgical-grade titanium. When cared for properly dental implants can prove to be a lifetime investment. Studies conducted over the last 30 years have proved that the survival rate of dental implants is 100%. Other substantial studies conducted have shown that approximately 90% of the implants last for more than two decades.

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implant Surgery?

Candidates considering dental implants must be in good general health and have sufficient healthy jawbone. The best method to determine whether dental implants are right for them is to schedule an appointment with the dentist near you and thoroughly discuss your history. The dentist can provide a treatment plan that specifically suits the needs of the patient.

Patients considering dental implants need to understand the procedure is intensive and will require them to spend a lot of time in recovery. Dental implants are considered a cosmetic procedure and therefore many insurance providers will not support the treatment of the patient. This requires the patient to be financially prepared for the substantial investment they will need to make for having the replacement teeth.

Patients with insufficient jawbone must also be prepared to undergo bone grafts that will be needed to provide stability to the titanium posts. These procedures can extend the time needed for the recovery besides leaving the patient with missing teeth in their mouths. However, as an option for replacing missing teeth in the mouth dental implants can be considered as the best choice available because they can provide the patient with replacement teeth that look and feel natural and allow them to display a set of pearly whites that are similar to natural teeth. They also allow the patient to have the foods they love and get on with their life as though they never lost any of their natural teeth ever.

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