An Overview of Root Canals

An Overview of Root Canals

Feb 14, 2019

What Is Dental Pulp?

Dentist near TX 77080 says the center part of a tooth which is soft and consists of living blood vessels, connective tissues, and a large nerve is a tooth pulp. The root canal procedure is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth, instead of extracting it.

Why Does the Pulp Need to Be Removed?

When there’s painful inflammation of the pulp a condition known as pulpitis occurs. In cases of inflammation being mild, it may be reversible, but if it’s severe, the pulp can die. Pulpitis can cause unbearable pain and also cause infections in the root that’s why pulp is removed to stop further damage.

What Damages a Tooth’s Pulp in the First Place?

Dentist near Northwest Houston says that tooth decay causes the damage on pulp. Pulp can have inflammation or an infection due to trauma to face, a crack or chip.

What Are the Signs That Root Canal Therapy Is Needed?

  • Severe pain
  • Swelling
  • Tender gums
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Discolored tooth

The Root Canal Procedure

  • First anesthesia will be administered to the tooth which is to be treated.
  • After that the endodontist in Houston will drill an opening through the crown or the biting surface of the tooth to access the pulp chamber.
  • Then the canals are cleaned of infections, dirt and dead pulp remnants.
  • Then canals are filled with the root canal fillings known as gutta-percha and sealed.
  • Then crown is placed for preventing dislodgement.

What Should One Expect After Root Canal Therapy?

For the initial days you may feel more sensitivity but it will be gradually gone. Remember to take medications to avoid any kind of complications of root canal therapy. Eat soft foods and take proper rest for faster recovery.

Cost of Root Canal Therapy

The cost depends upon the decay you have. The time taken for the dentist to do the therapy, materials and tools used are the parameters of costing.

Alternatives to Root Canal Therapy

Root canal does have alternatives. The only option is tooth extraction. Saving your natural tooth is important that’s why many opt for root canals.

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