Afraid Of A Dentist Visit? Know What Sedative Offer

Afraid Of A Dentist Visit? Know What Sedative Offer

Oct 01, 2020

People react differently to dental procedures. If you are the kind of person who would rather stick with the aching tooth than finds him or herself in the dentists’ seat, there is a solution for you In the name of sedation dentistry. It turns out there are procedures that can take away your anxiety and have the problem fixed.

What is sedation dentistry?

In sedation dentistry, you get the usual medication that you would have gotten from any other dentist only that the dentist used medical procedures to ensure that you are relaxed for the particular procedure. You do not get to sleep or became fully sedated except for those who have gone through general anesthesia. You only get the part that is targeted for the procedure numbed so that you cannot feel any pain.

There are different levels of sedation that you may be put through depending on your situation. There is minimal sedation whereby you are awake but just relaxed. Then there is moderate sedation whereby you are conscious and may have slurry words but you do not remember or feel the procedure. Then there is the deep sedation whereby you are slightly conscious but you can be awakened. The final and extreme form of sedation is the general anesthesia whereby you are unconscious during the procedure.

The common types of sedation used in dentistry

These types are categorized by the intake of the sedative. However, the type of intake of the sedative also relates to the level of sedation.

Inhaled minimal sedation

This sedation is induced through breathing. You are expected to breathe in laughing gas or nitrous oxide. In the procedure, you are connected to an oxygen mask within which the laughing gas also passes through. This way, the dentist can control the flow of the gas that you breathe and the level of sedation that you receive because the gas wears off quickly and you may need additional sedation. After the procedure using this form of sedation, you can drive yourself.

Oral sedation

Oral sedation ranges from minimal to moderate dosage depending on the number of pills given. This form of sedation involves taking the sedative through the mouth in the forms of a pill. Your dentist will most likely offer you Halcion that you will take before the procedure and feel drowsy. While you will still be awake, you will be able to go through the procedure while relaxed and in good condition. After the sedation, you may feel groggy depending on the number of pills that you will have been given. You will not be able to drive yourself, you will need to call someone to take you home so be aware of this before you head to the dentist for a procedure that will require sedation.

Intra-veins moderate sedation

There is the IV sedation which involves getting the sedation through your veins. The IV sedation involves getting the sedative through the vein so that it is instant and you do not have to wait. The dentist can also control and adjust the level of sedation during the procedure so that you get your dosage depending on the situation.

General anesthesia

Also referred to as deep sedation, in this case, you go all in. you may be almost or totally unconscious with this sedation. It all depends on the desired level of sedation that you need for the procedures that you are expected to go through. Awakening from the general anesthesia is not easy. You will be able to regain yourself after the effect of the medication has worn off.

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